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What is a Neuropsychological Assessment?

    • Neuropsychology:

      Neuropsychology is the area of practice that studies the structure and function of the brain from a behavioural and psychological perspective


        Neuropsychological Assessment:

        It describes a persons level of function from the following perspectives
        - Cognitive
        - Behavioural
        - Emotional
        This assessment can result in the formulation or opinion as to whether difficulties due to brain pathology or a potentially reversible cause (e.g., emotion)
        It also can describe how this may or may not impact on different areas of their lives


        Neuropsychological assessment

        They are conducted for a number of reasons including Medical, Probate, Civil and Criminal. Neurodynamics provides a neuropsycholgist assessment services that specialised in all of these areas. This Neuropsychologist Melbourne service can be contact to provide a range of assessments, including a Forensic Neropsychologist assessment service.


        What is involved in a neuropsychological assessment?

        - Obtain history

        - Test / Assessment

        - Interpret

        - Write report


        Obtain History

        Interview with patient, family members
        Background information
        Pre-morbid estimate
        Changes since the accident
        Focus on cognitive, emotional, behavioural
        -Reliability – tell different people different things
        -Are they telling the truth?
        Records and other assessments
        -Accident details
        -Ambulance records
        -Police reports
        -Emergency department records / medical records
        -Other professional assessment reports (e.g., psychiatric, neurological)
        -Pre-morbid data is often sought (e.g., school records, GP notes)
        Classification of Severity not outcome
        Post Traumatic Amnesia (PTA)
        -State of confusion:  characterised by an alteration to attention (orientation) and memory
        -Concussion vs. coma
        Duration of PTA indicates severity of Traumatic Brain injury
        -Based on patient report
        -Based on hospital record


        Test / Assessment

        -Assess cognitive function
        -Assess mood
        -Assess behaviour


        There are a number of commonly used neuropsychological tests. These neuropsychological tests assess a number of areas of function including: Attention, Speed of information processing, Memory, Verbal thinking, Non-verbal thinking, IQ, Executive function and Role enactment


        Remember: Don't test, don't find. Hence it is important to be comprehensive


        An area of common interest for people is the measurement and results of Executive Function Assessment. Executive Function is an umbrella term and is a bit like a CEO of a company. Executive Function includes the processes of: Planning and Organisation; Decision Making and Problem Solving; Self monitoring; as well as Inhibition


        Behaviour and Mood

        -Dysexectutive syndrome

        -Initiation, control and regulation
        -Depressed mood, Insight, anxirety, PTSD.


        -Is mood /behavioural problem functional or organic?


        -Psychological reaction


        -Due to brain dysfunction



        -Does all the data make sense?
        Are the patterns of dysfunction consistent with the:
        -Accident details
        -Self and other reports


        -Is the dysfunction due to pre-existing difficulties, an accident or acquire brain dysfunction?
        Pre-existing difficulties can be exacerbated


        Causes of Dysfunction

        -Organic: minimal gain is expected following the inital recovery period
        -Functional: significant potential is expected provide the psychological condition is responsive to treatment

        How will the dysfunction impact on all aspects of their life

        -Social function
        -Personal care


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        Clinical Neuropsychologist
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