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Brain Injury Severity

A neuropsychological assessment provides information about a person cognitive, behavioural and emotional functioning. While many factors influence the severity of an acquired brain Injury, the severity of an injury can classified according to the duration that a person remains in Post Traumatic Amnesia (PTA). Neurodynamics, based in Melbourne, has further extended the traditional classification system to take into consideration recent changes for the criteria associated with concussion.

PTA Duration Traditional Classification Proposed Classification
< 5 minutes Very Mild Very Mild
5-60 minutes Mild Mild/ Concussion
1-24 hours Moderate Mild / Concussion
1-7 days Severe Moderate
1-4 weeks Very Severe Severe
> 4 weeks Extremely Severe Very Severe
> 6 months   Chronic amnesia state


Dr Nathaniel Popp
Clinical Neuropsychologist
BA., MA., DPsych., MAPS., CCN Member
TAC Provider number: 160 603 50
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Forensic Neuropsychological Assessment can require
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